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Are sugar swings making you and your family cranky, tired or unwell?

Do you or do members of your family:

    • Crave sweet, processed foods?
  • Experience bursts of energy followed by exhaustion?
  • Become easily irritable, anxious or moody?
  • Experience memory and/or concentration difficulties?

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Low Sugar Lifestyle Program,
full of information on how you can improve the physical, mental and emotional health of your entire family.

  • Discover 10 common family foods that can easily be swapped to low sugar alternatives but remain quick and tasty options.
  • Receive two free nutritionist approved recipes to get you started on your Low Sugar Lifestyle.
  • Discover how sugar is sneaking into your family’s diet. I will share a simple family change at breakfast that will start everyone’s day off energized & clear headed.

Created by Michele Chevalley Hedge, Qualified Nutritionist.